Avoid over follow-up – Kids Version

Mama, I want to say something.

Please…. Slow Down..!

Following too much… is …. like talking too much.

Be polite, be professional and be practical in your follow ups.

And connect your “Good Intentions” with “Good Practices”.

If ‘No-Response’ is a pain point then over follow-up is equally annoying.

Please don’t convert your follow-ups into my nightmares.

Stay top … but not on my mind.

Mama…. I am your Son …not your Husband.

Please …. Rethink…. before you chase me next.

By “Daim Saqib John”


Dear Parents,

Respect them

Love them

Care them

be Polite during your all Follow-ups with them

Make your Children Productive & Participative

 “Say BIG NO to any kind of Child Abuse”

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