Hearts Under Feet

A woman without empowerment is just like walking with two left feet.

Empowerment of women still seems a crime in many societies, where the women rights are their wrongs, the rituality mostly overtakes humanity and a clear disconnection between the intelligence and wisdom.

Physical and emotional violence on women mostly fueled by Socio-ill-logical narrow vision of the society which is a major threat to the social stability and country’s prospects.

In relation to women, disputes, mistrust, intolerance and violence is growing with every second on the earth.

Most of the women around us having ride of emotional roller-coaster with nerve-wracking anxiety, facing the highs of the anger, passing through the whirls and winds of speechless sadness and suddenly fall into the pit of gloom. For some, it continues like an endless journey. Just think and visualize the depression, misery and mental complications by having such rides every day.

Why mostly the women to change, why every time it’s only she who needs to adapt, why every time her to hide herself, why losses only belong to her, why only she to sit on the swing of feelings and emotions, where the steeps and thrusts, rises and the falls, rotations and the spins are in the control of everyone but not her. Then the time comes when she lost and begs to everyone to find herself.

Its psychologically and ethically challenging to accept, why it’s so effortless to hurt the woman, why some hearts are beating and pulses are running underneath the feet of others.

Moral and ethical growth of the society has significant influence and implications on the elevation of women’s empowerment. Crisis of ethics, imbalance the rights of empowerment. It’s not only a problem of the third world but for sure it is the problem of Two third of the world.

There is a devastating polarization and misconception over the woman empowerment even within the women itself. Empowerment should never rely on women’s education, attraction, financials and status.

THINK TO CHANGE but before that Change the Way to think