Gender of Empowerment

Respected Woman,

Believe, empowerment is not a gift, not a charity, not a something to beg, nobody will come and empower you.

Empowerment starts from within yourself, by finding yourself, by believing in yourself, be kind with yourself, know how good you are, it’s your birth right and then let yourself free, move forward to show up and empower others, don’t let the violence ruins your wisdom and soul. Fight with your fears and feel the impact of your presence, feel the impact of your ability, skills and talents

Challenges are different but solution is one Re-think, Re-draw, Re-paint, Re-write the manifest your own empowerment, feel yourself, be yourself, realize yourself, value yourself, have good relation with yourself, take one more chance for your own success. Follow what matters, do your best, be persistent, never give up and keep chasing your dreams.

Turning adversity into opportunity is real empowerment.

Respecting and Empowering women is empowering humanity.

Woman empowerment is not about Independent Power of one individual, this empowers the whole family, then society and then finally a whole nation.

Above all, I think there is no GENDER OF GLORIES, there is no GENDER OF MORALITY, there is no GENDER OF LAW then why there is a gender of empowerment.

The fundamental ideology is that the women really deserve more credit for everything they go through.


Khuda Tu Bhi Nahi… Main Bhi Nahi…

Khalke Khuda Tu bhi hai… Khalqe Khuda Main bhi Hoon…