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“Applied Psychosomatic Planning” focuses on both the psychological as well as practical aspects of planning in the real world. Any individual, team or organization, when indulging in the planning phase, has to consider many aspects as well as adopt a process. This book discussed all the aspects that can effects the planning phase in three different sections. This book is useful for professional of any level, who is looking to get in-depth knowledge about the dynamics involved in the planning phase.

The First section focuses on the external factors effecting the planning phase. The Second section discusses the internal factors while the third chapter sheds light on the standard industry process and techniques involved in the planning phase. The authors have also shared a couple of their exclusive concepts, such as “VISION” and “EDGE” along with references to some research work and views of other industry professionals and researchers.

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Muhammad Zeeshan Ali, Saqib Javed John





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