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The Telecom Industry is characterized by new technologies, new services, and huge capital investment to make content accessible by anyone from anywhere. In such fast pace changes of telecom industry, only those companies can survive which can adapt to the rapidly changes requirements. The expected level of services by the customer is ever growing and at the same time, the customer is only ready to pay a price which is one of the lowest in the industry. In these circumstances, the company needs to evaluate approaches from all angles and come up with cost-effective and competitive solution which also covers the development and operational costs of the company and staying in the top league in terms of quality of services. This is possible to achieve by applying Six Sigma concept in Fraud and Control Unit of Telecom Industry.

This book is based on the research that focuses on application of Six Sigma tools for Telecom Service Provider. These tools can help to achieve powerful operation improvements in Fraud and Control Unit that can produce sustainable business benefits. This book illustrates the Sig Sigma as a quality initiative towards improvement of Fraud and Control procedures in applied in Telecom industry. The methodologies, principles and metrics of Six Sigma are first discussed. The tools and techniques of Six Sigma are then described. The implementation phases along with recommendations to apply Six Sigma, along with required trainings, are then explained. The findings recommend that management initiative, support, relevant trainings and commitment by team members are vital for implementation of Six Sigma in Telecom industry.

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